These are aftermarket parts that save you considerable cost in maintaining your equipment and have no association with any trademark or company name. The makes and models referenced here are for your convenience only.


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Set of 2, 450mm Excavator Steel Tracks with Grouser Shoes x 39 links - Heavy Duty

  • » Specially designed and engineered for Excavators and Mini-Excavators
  • » Manufactured with special high-strength hardened steel, meeting OEM quality standards for a 20% longer service life and superior performance.
  • » Grouser shoes precision-cut from top-quality manganese boron steel billet, with bolt and mud holes tailored to required sizes.
  • » Track links made from carbon chromium steel, ensuring long service life and reliability under severe operating conditions.
  • » Greased and sealed track links prevent corrosion, soil infiltration, and premature wear, ensuring an extended service life.
  • » ISO9001 certified quality steel chain assembly products guarantee durability in rugged applications, including soft or wet ground like sand or mud
  • » Superior, robust construction process ensures strength, flexibility of the track
  • » 100% enhanced reliability and guaranteed value for money
  • » Assures less downtime and lower cost-per-hour
  • » Heat treatment and tempering applied to all steel track parts to prevent cracking or quenching.
  • » Steel tracks withstand hard and sharp objects, reducing the need for frequent replacements.