Solid Tires

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Four Maximizer Solid Skid Steer Tires - Value Tires

  • » Guaranteed 100% flat proof
  • » Constructed from our proprietary rubber compound
  • » Superior traction, stability and durability as compared to foam-filled tires
  • » Resistance to abrasion, cutting, and chunking
  • » Deep massive tread lugs and design provide self-cleaning mechanism
  • » Maximum performance in high abuse and toughest applications
  • » Specially designed for skid steers to give perfect fit, maximum traction and durability
  • » Extraordinary design provides long life- up to 5 times that of Pneumatic and Foam Filled Tires and the longest life in solid tires
  • »Saves time and money as no damaged tires, no tire pressure and no sidewall damage
  • » No specialized equipment needed for installation
  • » Smooth, cushioned and comfortable ride without the bounce