Telehandler Solid Rubber Tire - Extreme Duty

SKU: T131424EXD
  • » Specially designed and engineered for Telehandlers
  • » Constructed from our proprietary rubber compound
  • » Highest resistance to abrasion, cutting, and chunking even in abusive environments
  • » Aperture holes gives superior stability, softer ride with no bounce, and lower fatigue
  • » Deep wide lugs provide maximum performance even in toughest, abusive conditions
  • » Guaranteed 100% No flats and No Downtime
  • » Enhanced reliability and value with lower cost-per-hour
  • » Long Life-up to 5 times pneumatic and foam filled tires
  • » Available in a wide range of configurations like straight and tapered bolt holes
  • » Saves time and money as tires are ready to install without any special equipment
This product has a minimum quantity of 2
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    Our flat proof, telehandler solid tires are engineered to give high performance, superior durability and to handle even the most severe applications and heavy loads in the most abusive environments.
    It's 2.36 inches deep massive tread lugs provides greater traction, stability control,reduces operator fatigue and distributes weight that help with flotation.
    Our aperture design is specifically designed for; carrying heavy loads without bending or folding the tire, providing a smooth, cushioned ride without the bounce associated with pneumatic tires and helps in avoiding heat build in tires as they constantly circulate the air. Available in 8 and 10 bolts.
    Where other tires fail completely, our solid tires lasts 5 times longer than any pneumatic and foam-filled tires, making it your ideal choice for skid steers, telehandlers, aerial work platforms, rough-terrain forklifts and boom lifts.

    Replaces Pneumatic Tire 13.00x24 14.00x24
    Classification Premium Premium
    Thread Pattern Directional All-Purpose Directional All-Purpose
    Thread Depth (Inches) 2.36 2.95
    Thread Depth at Safety Line (Inches) 4.06 4.4
    Diameter (Inches) 50 52.8
    Width (Inches) 12.6 13.8
    Rubber Thickness (inches) 13 14.4
    Weight (Tire Only) (lbs) 638 792
    Weight (Assembly)(lbs) 794 957
    Max Load Capacity (Lbs) 14960 16940
    Wheel Width (Inches) 8.5 8.5
    Wheel Diameter (Inches) 24 24
    Wheel Backspacing (Inches) Custom Custom
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